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Around The World Update

Published on 03/03/21

And we're off...

Around the World in 80 days Challenge - UPDATE (midday on March 3rd)

So far (since Feb 13th which was the start of half term) we've covered an incredible 2,496km, but that's been done by just 21 students and 3 staff who have logged their distance. We've also so far raised £150.

If you have a phone and regularly carry it with you then you can log into Health (Apple) or Google Fit (Android) and see how many steps you did during half term, last week, and this week. Then follow the instructions below to log your distance. It shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes.

Challenge details are below:

We are challenging all HVC students, or as many as possible, to log the distance that they walk, run or bike. The total distance of this challenge is 40,075km! To achieve this target that’s 501km per day…There are 570 students, so if all take part that’s about 1km per person per day. Please encourage and support your child / children to take part and to log their distance, no matter how small. 

We would also ask you to encourage supporters to donate to the PTFA Just Giving page. All money raised wil be split between refurbishing the sports hall and CRY

To take part in this challenge your child / children just need to:

  • Login into Teams
  • Click on the “Teams" tab on the left
  • Click on “HVC Community” team
  • Click on the “RTW" thread on the left
  • Start a “New conversation”
    • Write a message including km=NUMBER and/or steps=NUMBER. If you like you can also include more details to let people know what you’ve be doing, such as “Walking the dog, steps=894” or “Ride to sweet shop km=2.3”
  • All replies are ignored, but you can use replies to give kudos or chat if you wish
  • You can post every day or just add up your activities since your last post, and remember, every step counts.

We will keep you updated on the weekly distance and amount of money raised.

Thanks as always for your support,

Hope Valley College PTFA