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Pathways: history and ethos

“My son loved his three years in Pathways with its friendly, kind staff and relaxed, safe and supportive environment. He felt it was home from home and loves how he’s welcomed when he gets chance to call in.”

– Mrs Anne Anderson (parent)


Our History

The entrance to Hope Valley Pathways.

In 2012, a learning hub was initiated at Hope Valley College for young people with an Education, Health Care plan (EHCP), aged 16 to 18 who sought to continue their education, build their vocational knowledge and skills and prepare for adulthood. Since then, Hope Valley Pathways has continued to provide students with additional and specific needs a wide range of subjects, work opportunities and life skills to assist them within their transition into adulthood.

Hope Valley College, which is on the same site as Hope Valley Pathways.

Our facilities and staffing are tailored to address both the shared priorities of student needs and the uniqueness of each individual young person. We are designed to accommodate up to 24 young people between the ages of 16 and 18 years. We have the flexibility to meet the needs of each student and provide the appropriate balance between individual, paired, and small group learning experiences. Lessons are delivered and supported by a range of suitably qualified teachers, tutors and mentors, with the staffing ratio being dependent upon the actual group size and individual needs.


Our Ethos

Our ethos at Hope Valley Pathways is that the students will always be at the heart of the teaching and skills-based opportunities provided. We seek to ensure that a person-centred approach is achieved. The holistic needs of all students are considered to maximise the successful potential of enjoyment and achievement for all. As a provision we endeavour to provide experiences that will develop confidence, knowledge and skills so that the young people can transition into adulthood successfully and play a full and active role in society.

Individual learning plan (ILP)

Each student will have an ILP that will build on the fundamentals of their EHCP and integrate with their hopes and aspirations. This will support the annual review process which is very much led by the ‘voice’ of the student.

Transition to post-18

To ensure that each student has a successful transition beyond Hope Valley Pathways, the transition into Post-18 will begin early in Year 12. For many students this will involve starting to form a plan during their time with us. In Year 13, we ensure that the plan has been established and implemented. This may involve visiting other educational providers or beginning extended periods of work experience. This aims to provide students with a high level of support to facilitate a smooth transition into their chosen future pathway.