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French Culture Vultures

Published on 27/01/21

Year 7s sample some French culture - at home

We asked Y7 students in French last week to choose a cultural task to complete away from the screen 

Some students cooked, others listened to French music and one even ran a mini fashion show with French designers from home. We had presentations on topics ranging from cycling to tractors.

One student not only cooked a French breakfast, but ate it in a very French way:


"During my French breakfast we…

• Ate croissants and pain au chocolat.

• Learnt to cook French toast which we then ate.

• Drank hot chocolate from a bowl.

• Listened to a French radio station."


We have been so impressed with the Y7 engagement in French lessons - keep it up Y7 - c'est fantastique!

More images on the school Facebook and Instagram accounts.