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Uniform and equipment

You can download a handy tick list at the bottom of this page which lists all the uniform and equipment you need. Our Uniform Policy is available on the Policies page.


school uniform

Our uniform is straight forward but it is important that all students adhere to our expectations.

Required branded items

  • ​​​​​A navy blue polo shirt with the HVC logo.
  • A navy blue sweatshirt with the HVC logo and/or a navy blue hoodie with the HVC logo.

Required non-branded items

  • Students must wear either plain blue or plain black trousers. These can be jeans but not tracksuit bottoms or leggings. Rips, tears and writing are not permitted.  Alternatively students may wear plain navy blue or black knee-length skirts or tailored shorts. 
  • Trainers are acceptable footwear but heeled shoes, open-toed footwear and sandals are not.

PE kit

PE kit is required for all PE lessons but should not be worn to travel to or from school.

Required branded items

  • White polo shirt with HVC logo.

Required non-branded items

  • Black shorts/tracksuit bottoms.
  • Plain black warm layer.
  • Trainers for use indoor or on the multi use games area (MUGA) (clean and in addition to those worn as uniform).
  • Gum guard/shield – we strongly recommend that these should be worn for activities such as rugby and hockey. Parents/carers should provide these as part of essential PE kit. Teachers will remind students that any protective equipment provided by parents/carers should be used to reduce the severity of any possible injury whilst participating in contact sports lessons and activities.

Football and rugby

Anyone playing football or rugby needs:

  • Knee-high sports socks in black or white.

  • Football boots/astro turf trainers (deep grip) for use on the field.

  • Shin pads.

Adaptations to our school uniform policy on the grounds of equality can be requested by getting in touch with our Pastoral Team on who can answer questions about uniform requirements and respond to any requests.

Parents and carers are expected to make sure their child has the correct uniform and PE kit, and that every item is clearly labelled with the child’s name so that any lost property can be returned.


Ordering uniform

New School Uniform 

Our supplier is Emblematic Ltd. To order uniform from them please click here.

Their website also has videos about measuring your child for uniform, which you can see here.

Second Hand School Uniform 

Second hand school uniform is available from our school reception. Availability does depend on what stock we have in at the time, however we try to keep the full range of uniform and PE kit in a range of sizes available.

If you wish to enquire about purchasing any of the items please contact school at Please include which items you require, the quantity and the size and our reception team will be in touch. There is a small cost of £1 per item of uniform which can be paid either in cash at Reception or through Parent Pay.

If you have any unwanted Hope Valley College uniform, or items your child has outgrown, we welcome donations all year round.


Additional Information


Outside coats, hats and scarves should not be worn inside the building. Students can use their school bag to store their coat while inside the building. When a student enters the school building, before school, and at social times, coats must be removed immediately. Students will only be allowed to put their coat on when they leave the building for social times and at the end of Period 5.


  • Students are allowed up to two piercings in each ear and may wear simple stud earrings. No other piercings are allowed, and students will be asked to remove any before taking part in lessons.
  • For health and safety reasons, nail extensions are not allowed.


All students should have the following equipment:

  • 2 x black pens
  • 1 x green pen
  • 2 x pencils
  • ruler
  • rubber
  • pencil sharpener
  • coloured pencils
  • scientific calculator
  • compass
  • angle measure
  • set square
  • protractor
  • headphones, wired (ie that can be plugged in)
  • apron for Food Tech lessons
  • dictionary
  • refillable water bottle
  • tissues.

Mobile phones/smartwatches/earphones/ airpods/buds 

We do not expect children and young people to own a smart phone to access our curriculum. Although we recognise the potential benefits of technology in school, we also recognise the distractions and potential harm caused by phones and social media.  Therefore, students are not allowed to use mobile phones, smartwatches or earphones/airpods/buds at school, unless directed by a member of staff in a lesson. Students are permitted to check their timetables on their phones. Any of these items that are seen or heard during the school day without permission will be confiscated by staff and parents/carers will be required to collect the confiscated item from reception. If a student chooses to bring any of these items to school to use at social times (outside the building) or after school, these items should be switched off and put away in bags. Students must not wear headphones in the corridors as this is a health and safety issue; we require all students to be able to hear instructions from staff or react to emergency situations.

what happens if you don't follow the uniform and equipment rules? 

Staff will closely monitor students to make sure they are in correct uniform.

If students attend school in incorrect uniform parents/carers will be informed and students are expected to be in correct uniform the next day. Staff will also take account of unforeseen circumstances and individual situations.

If students return to school in incorrect uniform, they will be provided with correct uniform to change into.

Ongoing breaches of our uniform policy will be dealt with in accordance with the Hope Valley College Behaviour for Learning Procedure, which is available on the Policies page.