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Around The World Challange Update - 30% Of The Way!

Published on 22/03/21

We are a quarter of the way around the world. Time for some sponsorship

On Feb 13th HVC students and staff set off on the ultimate virtual challenge - to collectively travel 40,075km around the world on foot. After a slow start as the nature of the challenge was appreciated, we're now over a quarter of the way there with 12,034km completed. So far 66 students and 12 staff have logged their distance. If you've not done so yet then it's not too late. See the FAQ's here.

Now we're well on the way it's time to get fundraising. So far we've raised £1,665 via Just Giving.

The money will go to refurbishing the sports hall and also to CRY

Please consider posting on your social media accounts this awesome graphic produced by a parent at HVC. We will post updated graphics when we get towards half, three quarters, and all the way there. Don't forget to post the Just Giving link too and explain what we are raising money for.