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Around The World Challenge Update

Published on 21/04/21

We're approaching 2/3 of the way around the world

Imagine setting off from the Peak District on a 'round the world' journey on foot with the aim of completing it within the magical 80 days. It's been done before by an intrepid and determined cyclist by the name of Mark Beaumont, but that was in 2017, before Covid and national lockdowns. Embarking on such a challenge at the moment would be impossible. However students and staff from Hope Valley College thought outside the box. March usually sees the Hope Valley Adventure Film Festival, one of the school's biggest annual fundraisers. The Parents, Teachers & Friends association, who organise the festival, thought up a new way to raise the much needed funds. 

On Feb 23rd staff and students set out to cover the equivalent distance - a massive 40,075km - together, virtually, logging any miles they managed on foot and by bike into a communal tally. Nine weeks in, and with just two weeks to go, 70 students and 20 staff have so far covered 24,297km and raised £1,925. They are 60% of the way around. If you'd like to consider sponsoring them it'd give a boost to help them reach the finish line, and to encourage their friends to join the effort. The money raised will be split between refurbishing the school sport's hall and Cardiac Risk In The Young, a charity adopted by Hope Valley College after one of its students sadly passed away a few years back. The school now fund an annual cardiac check on all year 11 students.

Donate / Sponsor with this link.



Around The World FAQs below.

What Is It?

It is a school-wide challenge for students and staff to collectively travel, by your own power, around the world. That is 40,075km. To make it an actual challenge the aim is to do it in 80 days or less.


Why Are We Doing It?

Primarily to raise money to help refurbish the sports hall at the school, but also to raise money for Cardiac Risk in the Young.

We're also doing it as a way of getting together virtually as a community in these tough times, encouraging everybody to do a little exercise, even if it's just a walk to the shop.


What Do I Need To Do?

Do some exercise and record how far you went. Whether you walk to the shop or to the bus stop and around school, or you are a keen runner or biker you just need to record the distance you have travelled. You will automatically be doing exercise. The important bit is to record it (see below). 

You also need to share the Just Giving link above with your family and friends so that we can hit our target.


Do I Have To Do It?

You don't have to, but your teachers may set it as homework. Believe it or not Hope Valley College has a very good community spirit, thanks in part to events like this.


How Far Do I Need To Travel?

If every student and staff member recorded 1km for each of the 80 days that would be enough. It doesn't have to be a chore. Literally every step counts.


How Can I Travel?

You can walk, run, bike, skate, ski or ride a horse. Pretty much anything as long as you are not using an engine!


How Do I Record It?

Log into Teams. Click on the “Teams" tab on the left. Click on “HVC Community” team. Click on the “RTW" thread on the left. Start a “New conversation”. Write a message including km=NUMBER and/or steps=NUMBER. If you like you can also include more details to let people know what you’ve be doing, such as “Walking the dog, steps=894” or “Ride to sweet shop km=2.3”. All replies are ignored, but you can use replies to give kudos or chat if you wish


When Do I Record It?

You can post every day or just add up your activities since your last post, and remember, every step counts.


When Did The 80 Days Start?

The challenge started on Feb 13th at the start of Half Term. It's not been as easy as it could have been to let everybody know about it but don't worry, if you usually carry your phone with you, you can record your distance since Feb 13th by sending in your Steps which are automatically recorded by the Google Fit app (Android) and the Health app (Apple). This is actually a really important thing to do. If you don't do this we might not make it! It shouldn't take you more than a couple of minutes.


When Does The Challenge Finish?

Believe it or not it finishes on Star Wars day! May the 4th be with you. Sorry, couldn't resist…


How Far Have We Gone So Far?

Weekly updates are posted on the school website, Facebook page and Just Giving page. You can also email photos of you doing your activity to