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Principal's update 2 February 2024

Published on 02/02/24

Dear Parents and Carers

In order to help us best manage communications from home to school and from school to home, we have included our Communications Policy with this newsletter. The policy can also be found on our website: Policies - Hope Valley College ( Please read this policy to establish the best way to contact us and for more information on how and when we will contact you. We work hard to ensure that communications are clear, relevant and respectful. Thank you.

What’s going on in school:

  • WOW!!!!! Look at the amazing artwork Y7 students have produced in response to learning about abstract artist Hundertwasser. Hundertwasser was inspired by childlike dreams with lollipop trees and he did not believe in straight lines, students have then produced their own watercolour art work including a wide range of mark making. We are so proud of them all!

  • Congratulations to Y10 on completing their A Christmas Carol assessment. This week they received their essay and GCSE grade back so this is a great opportunity to reflect on how they have done. It's important to consider their knowledge of the text alongside their skills at recording their ideas. They will need to know their targets and be working on these as we study Macbeth

  • This week in drama, Y7 have explored drama theory for the first time - creating a role for 2 characters from their current scheme of work. Well done Y7! Y10 drama students have started to explore the first of 3 stimuli that are part of their first component of the GCSE course. This is the start of an 8-week process where students create their own performances. This week they looked at the death certificate of Private Harry Farr; a solider executed for cowardice in 1916, who received a royal pardon in 2006.
  • Members of our newly formed Student Council have spent time in tutor groups last week discussing which charities the student body wish to support. After a thorough discussion, they voted to support Helen’s Trust and Sheffield Women’s Aid.
  • The English Faculty are encouraging students to think carefully about the presentation of their books. Written communication is important; legible handwriting is important. Using quality equipment and writing supports can help. Please check that your young person has the basic equipment required: a black pen, green pen, pencil and ruler. If not, these can be purchased from Reception.  

  • Today the Poetry by Heart competition was launched to our Y8 students by Mrs Hale. Students will be learning and performing poetry as part of a national competition. A lucky winner may make it to perform at The Globe Theatre in London.

  • Year 9 students are doing exceptionally well with our outdoor activity programme this year. We are about to finish our second activity, orienteering at Longshaw Estate. It has been a pleasure to watch students challenge themselves, from completing the 'advanced' course in record breaking time or overcoming the challenge of working independently in an open space, it feels as though each student has had an opportunity to learn in a different way! Next week we start the next activity which is Weaselling at Higger Torr. I will contact each student before their session via Classcharts , email and through student notices. Please can I remind students that when they are due to attend this session, they must bring a packed lunch or get a grab bag from school. With the cold and unpredictable weather, gloves and thermal clothes are compulsory. The students will get a comprehensive kit list before they go. Students will also be provided with waterproof/protective coat and trousers as well as a climbing helmet. Weaselling was a very popular session last year - we are very excited to run it again and can't wait to watch this year's students embrace this challenge! 

  • On Thursday 1 February, we held two successful Primary Sports Events at HVC - 5 schools came up to compete in the Rural Derbyshire Sports Hall Athletics Trials. This involved sprint relay races, throwing, jumping and obstacle races. All schools did really well, and the session was run expertly by our Sports Leaders - primary staff were very complimentary about their professionalism and enthusiasm! Keep it up Sports Leaders!

Y11 Mock Exams

Students have been handed their statement of entry this week and this has also been emailed to them.  The mock exam timetable can be accessed via this link Exams - Hope Valley College (  Exam pencil cases can be purchased on ParentPay and collected from Reception.

Sparx Maths

Independent research carried out by Cambridge University found that, “Actively working on Sparx Maths for the recommended one hour of homework per week for one school year was associated with an increase of approximately 30% of a GCSE grade.  This indicates that students using Sparx make significantly more progress than students without Sparx.”   

B-line Discount Travel Cards

B­-line cards offer travel discount and also work as a library card for young people aged 11 up to 19 living in Derbyshire. The cards entitle children to £1.50 single fares on most buses – right across Derbyshire and beyond. Simply upload a photo of your child, provide a few basic details and their card will arrive by post. The cards are free. 

Thank you for reading our communication. Here are some helpful email addresses, should you need to contact us:

Kind regards

Gaynor Jones, Principal
Hope Valley College

T: 01433 620555