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Principal's update 1

Published on 23/03/20

Good afternoon everyone,

I hope that you and your families are all well.

This is the first update from Hope Valley College. We will try to give you an update from college each day until we re-open. Today’s is quite a long update as there is a lot to let you know about. In the future the update will be much shorter.

Checking the Classcharts App

It was great to see so many students taking the time last week to ensure they had their Classcharts password and that they could use the app to check home learning and return their work to teachers.

Please check the Classcharts Home Learning App to keep up-to-date with the Home Learning activities your teachers have set for you. 

There is a guide to help you to log into Classcharts at: 

Support in structuring the day

We know that many parent/carers will feel it necessary to provide a structure to their child’s day to ensure they make the most of the learning time available to them while college is closed. Please visit our website for advice on how to structure a day of learning for your child: 

College Open for Children of Key Workers

College remains open with a skeleton staff to make provision for children of ‘Key Workers’ and other children who fall into categories defined by the Department for Education who may still attend college. To re-iterate advice from the Department for Education and Public Health England:

  1. If it is at all possible for children to be at home, then they should be.
  2. If a child needs specialist support, is vulnerable or has a parent who is a critical worker, then educational provision will be available for them.
  3. Parents should not rely for childcare upon those who are advised to be in the stringent social distancing category such as grandparents, friends, or family members with underlying conditions.
  4. Parents should also do everything they can to ensure children are not mixing socially in a way which can continue to spread the virus. They should observe the same social distancing principles as adults.

We are emphasising the importance of hand-washing and social distancing to all students and staff coming into college.

If you are a key worker or your child falls into any other category that means they may attend college, please contact our attendance email: to keep us up to date with whether/which days your child needs to attend – please try to do this by 6pm of the evening before so we have time to plan

Year 11 Update

A huge thank you to our Year 11 students who conducted themselves brilliantly last week, despite the huge stress they were under owing to uncertainties about GCSE exams, college applications, etc. We are so proud to have such a fantastic group in Year 11.

As you may have read in the news, this year’s summer exams for Year 11 students have now been cancelled. Students will be awarded ‘calculated grades’ based on a combination of teacher forecast grades and statistical analysis by the Department for Education.

We will continue to set work for our Year 11 students and encourage its completion. We believe that they should continue to learn at home for the following reasons:

  • If a student wishes to appeal an awarded ‘calculated grade’ in a subject they will have to sit an exam (probably in September) as part of that process
  • Maintaining a good working level of knowledge and skill is important in ensuring successful transition to Post-16 education (this is true for all Post-16 routes but is vital for A Level study)
  • Learning is valuable in itself and, even without exams, we would recommend continuing a broad and balanced education
  • With an unknown but potentially significant time at home under socially distanced conditions, the structure that a home learning timetable provides is important in supporting mental and physical health

What work will teachers continue to set?

Teachers will set work via Classcharts or GCSEPod which:

  • Supports students in finishing course content where this is still to be covered
  • Supports students in reviewing and revising content which has already been covered
  • Supports students in broadening their subject knowledge

Support for Students

We understand that this is a difficult time for all of us, and that we need to look after both our physical and mental health. Although our doors are not open to most students at present, we are still here. Students can message their teachers for support with work, or their Heads of House/Pastoral Staff if they require any pastoral support or advice. In addition, those students who are working with our school counsellor can continue to do so – the arrangements have been shared with those students directly.  Everyone else should contact their house tutor by email. There are further support services below and also on our website at:

Thank you once again for your support, and thanks in particular to the many parents/carers who have sent messages of support. They are very gratefully received and appreciated by our team.

Gaynor Jones


Mrs G Jones


Hope Valley College