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UPDATE: Plea for materials to make Covid-19 face masks

Published on 07/04/20

UPDATE ON THIS STORY (Thursday 9 April 2020):


We are ok for the OHP clear plastics - and a big thank you to all that donated.

We are still struggling for the Polypropylene and have now found that 0.5mm is much quicker for us to cut. It doesn't matter if it is bigger than the size we suggested as we can cut it down but no smaller (600mm x 450mm).

Please can any donations or questions about materials go via the PTFA at:


We are doing this to support the local areas, and as much as we would like to help all we can't, so are only taking requests from the direct surrounding areas.

Please can any visor / ear protector requests go via the PTFA at:

Staff in the tech team have been busy this week making Covid-19 face masks and ear guards for key workers in the surrounding area.

They have managed to make a whopping 67 in total!

Requests are coming in thick and fast... so they will continue to make while ever they can, but they need more materials. 

So..... can anyone donate or source 200 micron or thicker binding covers in clear (they are like OHP film), and Polypropylene sheet around 0.8mm thick and around A2 size (600 x 450mm)?

If so please get in touch via the PTFA at: