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Why not keep a record of life during these historic times?

Published on 07/04/20

We are living through truly historic times. Our History department have suggested that students (and their families!) could keep a daily record of what is happening. 

Perhaps as a 5 minute video or possibly as a written record. Record the day to day things which are happening in your home. How are you coping with the ‘lockdown’, how are you and your family keeping yourselves amused, entertained, educated? How is your daughter coping with home schooling?

This day by day account will be invaluable for your future relatives. In 5/10/20 or 50 years’ time, your relatives will be asking you what it was like to live through the 2020 Coronavirus lockdown and this is a great way to ‘remember’. A daily  5 minute recording should also help with mental well-being as you and your family speak through some of the difficulties and remember the lighter side of this.

We are NOT setting this as homework and we do not want it brought into school and shared. This is for you and your loved ones, and we hope (if you hadn’t already thought of doing it) it could give you a daily event to coalesce around, bring you together to think about and share what is on your mind and how the day has been.

After all, if Samuel Pepys hadn’t kept a diary we wouldn’t know that during the 1666 Great Fire of London he buried his best Parmesan cheese in the garden.