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Hope Valley College Face Mask Update

Published on 21/04/20

Hope Valley College have been producing desperately needed face masks for front line NHS staff

You may have seen that staff at Hope Valley College have been producing desperately needed face masks for front line NHS staff. A request was put out via the college website on 7th April for materials to make the masks.

Materials came flooding in and the team of 5 got to work. They have so far produced an incredible 379 masks! The school has a single laser cutter, which requires 18 minutes to make 8 headband, whilst 3D printers are used to produce ear protectors.

The masks are being supplied locally, but requests for them have come from far and wide. One such request was for 50 masks for local doctors surgeries. Local GPs have publicly thanked the college in an article in the Buxton Advertiser, for the masks which are now in use in 3 practices. One of these, in Bakewell, treats patients with respiratory problems making the masks very much appreciated.

For the time being the college has enough materials to make 1,000 more masks, so time is the limiting factor. More staff have volunteered to join the team to enable them to work in shifts. Parents and other members of the public who had seen the appeal have been in touch to offer donations to cover the costs, so a mechanism has been set up to receive such donations which are gratefully accepted (some of the materials are not readily available so have had to be purchased personally by the staff).


Miss Nicklin, one of the staff members leading the charge has also been busy in her 'spare' time at home, taking advantage of the lovely weather we have been having, to produce Scrubs and Scrub Bags for front line NHS workers, and also pom poms to brighten up the local neighbourhood! An amazing effort.


Making A Donation


When you click you will be asked to register.

Go to the "Shop" tab 

Mask making now appears as an event

Click and follow instructions.

It possibly isn't the most user friendly page ever but we hope it is OK in the circumstances



If you do have either of these materials at home then please let the school know, in case they need them further down the line:

  • 200 micron (or more) thick plastic (binder covers, OHP acetates etc) 
  • Polypropelene sheets (this is what the headbands are cut from)