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A Bike Bus To HVC

Published on 10/07/20

Some parents are trialling a Bike Bus to school next week.

This article was written by Hope Valley Climate Action on August 10th. The Bike Bus Trial took place on July 16th. Here is a report. It went really well and proved that the concept could work. If you are interested in keeping in the loop or have any comments please join the WhatsApp group using the link below.


The government has pledged that schools will re-open in September to all students. It will be up to families to decide how students will travel to school. We may see more people opting for car journeys, which could inconvenience them as well as congesting the local roads and the village of Hope. So we are trialling a Bike Bus.


A Bike Bus is not an actual bus. It’s a moving virtual ‘bus’ made up of bike traveling from A to B, in this case from Grindleford to Hope Valley College.


We will pilot the Bike Bus To HVC on Thursday 16th July.


We encourage as many students of HVC and their parents to join us for the pilot to prove that the concept can work in preparation for a new normal when school restarts in September and the buses can’t transport all of the students.


How popular it is and how regular it runs during term time will remain to be seen, but the goal will be to get students cycling which will result in fewer cars on the roads, and dropping off at HVC.


Everybody taking part does so at their own risk. Helmets and high viz are advised, but not mandatory. There will be an adult at the front of the bus, at the rear of the bus, and on the outside of the bus. More adults joining in will mean more at the front, rear and outside, encouraging the students to keep close together. At the rear of the bus will be a bike trailer with a banner explaining to motorists what is happening, and asking them to overtake ONLY when safe to do so.


Have a look at these links for examples and videos of bike buses operating successfully elsewhere in the country.


The Bike Bus is part of a wider Safer Roads, Greener Villages Campaign by Hope Valley Climate Action. It has the backing of Hope Valley College who are soon to carry out a transport survey as part of the return to school planning. Although it has this backing, it is stressed that everybody takes part at their own risk.

The Route (all timings are for the pilot only)

7 Miles - from Grindleford to Hope Valley College along the main road.


We will meet at the Pavilion in Grindleford at 9am, leaving at 9.15am.


Expected arrival time in Hathersage: 09:30

Expected arrival time at Sicklehome (Bamford junction): 09:40

Expected arrival time at The Traveller’s Res (Bradwell junction): 09:50

Expected arrival time at Hope Valley College: 10:00


Once it’s stared, the bus won’t stop except at junctions and traffic lights, it will be the responsibility of those joining the bus to tag on. 


We will always obey the rules of the road.


Risk Assessment is here:


Join the Bike But To HVC WhatsApp group with this link:


This is a work in progress. If you have any questions or feedback please email