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Safeguarding and child protection

Safeguarding is the underpinning of Hope Valley College. We are committed to educating our young people and their parents and carers on how they can stay safe at all times in our community and an ever-changing world.

We recognise that in today’s society our young people are growing up in a more challenging and unpredictable environment which may have additional challenges and dangers that are not immediately noticeable. This may include increasing concerns around social media, online grooming, gangs sexualised behaviour and the exploitation of young people. Other challenges that are posed are the increasingly complex online world with increased access to radical material and pornography which will have an impact on the understanding of what a healthy relationship is. At Hope Valley College we recognise that this is not an exhaustive list and are cognisant of how quickly the world is changing. We utilise this knowledge to ensure that we instil in our young people behaviours that will keep them and others safe through the interventions and support we offer.

We also work closely with community partners and external agencies to understand what contextual factors may be impacting the safety of our young people.

To ensure that our young peoples are equipped in recognising what is a safeguarding concern and how best to manage these we ensure that we regularly deliver education around key issues every year either through the personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE)/relationships and sex education (RSE) curriculum, specialist workshops or through specific timetabled activities.

You can read our current safeguarding policy on our policies page.

Who to talk to

If you want to speak to someone about any concerns you have for yourself or a young person you know then please contact our safeguarding team:

  • Debbie Petts – Designated Safeguarding Lead
  • Richard Robinson – Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
  • Eric Millington – Family Resource Worker

You can contact school on 01433 620555 in order to speak to a safeguarding staff member. You could also email

If, as a young person you do not wish to speak to a staff member face-to-face, there are organisations listed on our student wellbeing resources page and at the bottom of this page.

Who to contact when school is closed

As part of our aim to increase support for our students and school community, there will be an identified staff member who will be available during school holidays. Details of who to contact are shared at the start of each holiday.

If you have any concerns outside the usual school hours you can contact Call Derbyshire on 01629 533190. Alternatively if you believe that a young person is at risk of immediate harm then you should call 999.


Early Help Information 

We know that all of our families and carers want to do the best for their young people, but sometimes require some extra support. 

Early Help is provided by all who work with children, young people and their families or carers nationally. It is an integral part of how we support our young people and families 

When we feel that a young person or family may need an early help assessment our family resource worker will talk with the young person and family to ascertain if this is the right thing.  An Early help assessment will be completed to help you and your young person understand what help you may need. 

The assessment will be completed by our family resource worker – who is based at the school – during a visit to the family and young person. They will meet with other family members as appropriate and talk to people who are involved with the family such as a health visitors or staff of other schools. They will look at all the strengths and difficulties the family has and gather the views of the family. 

As part of the Early Help Assessment, we will: 

  • Talk to the young person and their family.

  • Listen carefully to the views of the young person and their family.

  • Look at strengths and needs in the family.

  • Aim to help resolve the difficulties the family is having.

  • Refer to other agencies for support.

  • Keep the family involved in all decisions.

  • Offer support and advice on other services.

  • Keep information confidential unless we have to share information to protect a child.

There are several potential outcomes of the Early Help Assessment: 

  • The family may not require any further support at that time.

  • They may need support and we will refer them to other agencies to receive this.

  • If further concerns have been raised, we may need to discuss these with Social Care.

If you are aware of a family who may be in need of support please email


You can also find more information in our Safeguarding Policy which is on our policies page.


Meet the team

Mrs Jones
Principal of Hope Valley College

Mrs Petts
Vice Principal

Mrs Petts is the Designated Safeguarding Lead and the Designated Teacher for looked after children. Mrs Petts has oversight of the Inclusion Team 


Mr Robinson
Safeguarding Manager and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mr Millington
Family Support Worker

Information about Mr Millington 

I am the Family Support Worker based at Hope Valley College.  I also have responsibility for eight other Primary and Junior schools located in and around the Hope Valley area.    

My role is to offer support to families who may need help over and above that which is routinely available to all of us.  I don’t have all of the answers to the difficulties that life can present but having spent twenty-eight years helping people in the public sector, I have a good idea of where to start to look for them.   

We all need a helping hand sometimes – whether that is dealing with debt, our mental health or the trials and tribulations of raising children. 

Sometimes, we may have more complex needs which require help and co-ordination from one or more outside agencies.  In these circumstances I may gather information using something called an Early Help Assessment, which allows me to get a detailed picture of a family's needs.   

If you feel that I can be of assistance to you or your family, or you would just like an informal chat, then please feel free to contact me